Monday July 2nd – Friday July 6th 2018, Rijswijk, Holland

We are excited to invite you into a particular kind of training: the Ondévit technique. Orland Bishop, who inspires us deeply with his work dedicated to the healing and development of individuals, communities and society at large, introduced us into this methodology last autumn in Los Angeles.

Its name derives from two words in French and Latin: Onde (wave) & Vita (Life). Ondévit realignes the logos nature of the human I with our life processes and works solely on the energetic level of our organisation by means of the written word and water as an intermediate supplement.

Developed by the the french engineer and artist Claude Onillon in 1983 this technique has been refined and proven effective when in accordance with the individual path of every person treated.
Claude Onillon’s openness, his introduction into a subtle understanding of Ondévit and his support to make this course happen has been a gift. We feel very grateful for the collaboration started and appreciate the possibility to do this course and learn with Claude Onillon.

As it is going to be an intensive and practical training only few places can be provided for a small group of participants. This is why we want to invite people specifically – though you may still feel free to share this invitation.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and see our website for more information and registration.

With best regards, the Ondévit course organisational team:
Mara Seeberger, Rebekka Kreisel, Philip Stoll, Jannis Keuerleber
+49 711 – 12 15 10 11

July 2nd – July 6th 2018, Holland

This training introduces into the Ondévit technique and philsophy and enables to practice the methodology. Participants learn, how to perform the essential test routine and how to use the the written word to realign the energetic field of a living being by means of the Ondévit supplements.

The course will be facilitated by Claude Onillon, founder and main developer of the Ondévit technique.

Registration for the course is open now!

Training fee: 550 €for 5 days all material books, personal products concerning the tests during the seminar are included.

Accomodation and food are not included.

Materials needed to practice Ondevit after the seminar:
A complete set including empty bottles, drops counters, stickers, 26 products (letters of the alphabet), and 2 magnets and 500 test cards are recommended. With this set, you will be able to do all the necessary tests and products.

Current Price: 30cc beginner’s set: 410 € incl. taxes

Ondévit® is a technique and philosophy, that uses the power of the written word, to enhance the development of the human being on the physical, mental and spiritual level.



ONDEVIT COURSE2019 | Advanced

For graduates of the 2018 course we plan a consecutive training in 2019. While the first course provides a basic training we will pick up on the experiences of practice we made over one year and elaborate the training into advanced techniques.