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Hier ein Hinweis auf ein besonderes Angebot des Fabula Collective, das zu seinem zweitem „Casa Fabula“ dieses Jahr in Deutschland einlädt:

– Peace as a creative act between individuals –

Who are we when we integrate our own light and darkness? What in us is balancing those forces out? What does it mean to be truly human? How can we practice dignity?

We warmly invite societal shapers (all of you who are in their own unique way working toward a healthy society) to a one week open process. Are you looking for nourishment, new inspiration, time and space to explore your own work further and go into a process with others? Are you in need of bonfires, good food, and healthy nature? Fabula Collective will serve with experience and some minimal structure to arrive, from there we will co-create the days together.

Its all about the Here and Now, about real themes that come up between us. It is about exploring the social and creative capacity of the individual in a community and to enable collective presence and empowerment of each one.
At the farm there is a lot of space outside that opens up possibilities, such as a workshop for woodworks, a space in the former barn, a fireplace, a volleyball place, a garden, animals and lots of nature.

„Alles Handeln, alle Verbindungen und Erfahrungen sind nur verstehbar und ergeben nur dann Sinn, wenn sie als eine Intensivierung unserer Beziehungen und damit unseres Selbst – vollzogen werden.“

Andreas Weber

25th ­ 31st of May 2015

Biokulturhof, Forststraße 37, 64385 Reichelsheim, Germany

including food and accomodation: Minimal: 180€, normal: 230€, supportive: 280€ – ∞

write an email with your short motivation, name, age and country to: info@fabulacollective.org

Um einen Überblick über die Woche zu bekommen: Casa fabula schedule

CASA FABULA II EMPOWERING DIVERSITY – Peace as a creative act between individuals –
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